Dear Spotify,
please bring back our folders.

What's this about?

Spotify's new Web API has removed the ability to create folders for organizing playlists. It also does not recognize the folders already created. This currently affects the Sonos Controller (v5.4+) app and presumably future Spotify apps.

Neither Spotify nor Sonos have given a clear reason for this change or a plan to fix it, despite the palpable voices in the community.

Check out this baffling madness


For avid music listeners, folders are a must for organizing your music. To remove them, especially without consent, is like waking up to find all of your shelves missing. Books on the floor, dishes all over the counter, paperwork everywhere - suddenly you are forced into an episode of Hoarders.

bottom line

There needs to be a clear response on why this was removed and a plan to add them back in. Scrolling through hundreds of playlists is ridiculous (see above).

Please return our folders.

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